Steve Nack, D.D.S.

Dr. Steve Nack reiterates to every patient, “You are the best dentist” regarding their oral care. He wants you to remember you are the one taking care of your teeth when not at the dentist, so be the best dentist to your teeth that you can be!

Dr. Nack graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington with his degree in zoology for biology inclination. He then went on to get his dental degree there graduating in 1985. Dr. Nack’s cousin was a dentist, so he wanted to follow in his shoes when choosing this profession. The Navy also provided him with a great opportunity to complete dental school.

Dr. Nack is certified in sleep apnea and continues to study anesthesia, dental materials, oral surgery, teeth whitening, and sleep apnea. He volunteers in Colorado, where he teaches Sunday school for third through sixth graders. When Dr. Nack has some downtime, he enjoys hiking, reading, and swimming. His words to live by are, “Lean not on your own understanding, trust in the lord. Acknowledge Him in everything and He will make your paths straight.