We understand everyone may not have access to dental insurance, so we created the PERFECT TEETH™ Dental Plan to offer discounted rates on all general and specialty dental services for patients of all ages. With one low annual fee, your family can save hundreds of dollars on a variety of dental services including teeth cleanings, fillings, root canals, dental implants, braces and more. The PERFECT TEETH™ Dental Plan has no waiting period, no caps on usage, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions and there is no deductible. Simply sign up, use it, and smile.

Plan starts at just $95!


Big Savings

Great dental care specially discounted for members.

Multiple Options

Affordable plan for individuals or families.

Great Locations

Your dental plan can be used at all 66 PERFECT TEETH locations.

Perfect Timing

Your dental plan can be used as soon as you pay for it!

Check out these discounts


Dental Service
Perfect Teeth Dental Plan
Full Fee*
Preventive Cleaning – Adult (Limited to two cleanings per year)
Filling (Tooth Colored) Back Tooth - 2 Surfaces
Crown Porcelain Fused to Base Metal
Root Canal Front (by specialist)
Basic Implant Bundle Extraction/Implant/Custom Abutment/Porcelain
Starting at only $95 per year! Enroll Now View full plan details

*Additional fees may apply depending on the services you need and if services are performed by a specialist. All fees are based on our 2018 fees which vary slightly by state and are subject to change without notice.

Common FAQ

  • The PERFECT TEETH™ Dental Plan is available to patients of all ages who do not have dental insurance. Additionally, the plan can be used to supplement dental insurance when treatment is not covered. The dental plan can be extended to cover your spouse, children under the age of 26 and other legal dependents.

  • Membership in the PERFECT TEETH™ Dental Plan gives patients access to experienced dentists and timely, high-quality dental care, all at a discounted rate. The plan may be used at any PERFECT TEETH™ dental practice immediately upon purchase and has no exclusions for pre-exisiting conditions, no waiting period, no deductible and no maximums.

  • Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our patients. Our GOLD STANDARD philosophy of patient care and service means all of our employees, from your dentist to the patient coordinator, will make sure that you and your family are well taken care of from the minute you walk into any one of our 66 dental offices. We’ve been trusted by thousands of patients since 1995 for a simple reason: we put you first. Don’t take our word for it, just read the reviews from our patients!

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