Janna Mitsos, D.M.D.

Dr. Janna Mitsos is originally from Homer Glen, IL, a suburb of Chicago, IL. At University of New Mexico, Dr. Mitsos ran D1 cross country and track as a Lobo. After graduating at New Mexico, Dr. Mitsos went directly to dental school in Chicago. After practicing 2 years in Chicago, Dr. Mitsos wanted a change of weather and moved to New Mexico, where she worked as a doctor in Albuquerque. After a short stint in New Mexico, Dr. Mitsos wanted to settle on a happy medium in Colorado. Since then, Dr. Mitsos has been happily practicing as a dentist for Perfect Teeth.

In her free time, Dr. Mitsos is an avid runner, loves exploring new running trails in the mountains and enjoys spending time in the outdoors. Fitness, nutrition, and mental acuity are a heavy focus in Dr. Mitsos’ life. 

Dr. Mitsos is excited to treat your dental needs. 


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