Letting Dentists Be Dentists

Letting Dentists

All PERFECT TEETH™ offices are affiliated with Birner Dental Management Services, Inc. a business services organization. Birner Dental Management Services was founded in 1995 on the simple premise of "Letting dentists be dentists." We recognized that operating a successful dental practice was increasingly more difficult as the practice environment became more complex. In today's world the solo practitioner is stretched in many time consuming areas which have little or nothing to do with providing high quality dental care.

The Company is solely a business service organization, which means we don't do dentistry or get involved in the decisions made between dentist and patient. Our affiliated dentists spend most of their time with their patients delivering high-quality patient care, while our highly-trained business professionals manage the business aspects of their practices. Dentists choose our organization because they still love dentistry but no longer want the burden of daily business and administrative services.

Partnering with us

While we manage all of the administrative work in your office, you still maintain a leadership role. PERFECT TEETH's dentists practice in the style in which they are most accustomed to and have all the benefits of being part of a large, well-capitalized organization with the negotiating power and experience to make the practice a success. We carefully screen and select the dentists that join us, ensuring that the PERFECT TEETH™ name has a reputation for excellence, with built-in name recognition.

Our model provides personalized, high-quality dental care in a patient-friendly setting similar to that found in a traditional private practice. We develop long-term relationships with our dentists by giving them the autonomy and independence of a private family practice setting, without the capital commitment and the administrative burdens such as billing, collections, payroll, accounting, and marketing.

We strive to ensure that our PERFECT TEETH™ brand name is associated with high-quality dental care. The PERFECT TEETH™ signage is prominently displayed at each office. We also use television, radio and on-line advertising as well as social media to highlight PERFECT TEETH's high-quality dental care and patient-oriented service. Additionally, as an "A rated" member of the Better Business Bureau, our reputation is further enhanced and we are able to capitalize on credible word of mouth advertising.

If your passion is patient care; if your talent is connecting with people, if you love dentistry - you're a perfect fit!  Please click here to contact us or call Justin Gill, Director of Dentist Recruitment at 303-285-6042.