Find a PERFECT TEETH™ Endodontist Near You

The PERFECT TEETH™ network includes dentists who specialize in providing patients with superior, high-quality root canal treatment (endodontics).  Our highly skilled endodontists have received two to three years of additional training to specialize in endodontic procedures, including root canals.   Our endodontists will perform root canal therapy on patients with signs of damage to the nerve of a tooth.  This damage can be caused by deep decay, large fillings, repeated dental procedures on a tooth, and/or a crack or chip in the tooth.  In some cases this damage will not produce apparent symptoms, but for other patients they may experience severe pain, swelling and tenderness of the nearby gums and/or discoloration of the tooth.

Following an x-ray examination, our endodontists will perform root canal therapy based on the severity and extent of the infection within a particular tooth.  After local anesthetic is applied, an access hole will be drilled at the top of the tooth and the decayed tissue will be removed.  The tooth will be examined for further cracks and the space will be cleaned and sealed.  Within a few weeks following the procedure a crown (cap) will be applied to the tooth to prevent the tooth from possible loss from fracture.  Click here to visit our "Learn About Procedures" section where you can find a short, animated video about how root canal therapy is performed.

At PERFECT TEETH™ we know that timely treatment of the infection is essential to the health of our patients.  Our team of caring endodontists recognize this urgency and will perform timely and comprehensive root canal therapy to help relieve discomfort, stop infection and promote healing for our patients.  Our entire staff is dedicated to making sure our patients' always come first.  At PERFECT TEETH™ you can be assured that you will feel safe and comfortable during your root canal therapy.