Get to Know PERFECT TEETH 5280 Top Dentist: Dr. Jennifer Karaskevicus

June 19, 2017

Among patients and colleagues in the dental industry, Dr. Jennifer Karaskevicus is one of our top-rated dentists, year after year. After completing both her undergraduate degree and Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, she came to PERFECT TEETH where she is now lovingly referred to as “Dr. K”.

Dr. K is well known for her expertise, professionalism, and the time she takes to know her patients on a personal level. She says, “I treat each person as I would my own family, and I strive to provide the highest quality of care that I can.”

When she’s not seeing patients at her Glendale PERFECT TEETH dental office, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and taking advantage of all that Colorado has to offer.
After receiving the 5280 Top Dentist Award for the seventh year in a row, we asked Dr. K to share more about who she is as a dentist, wife, mother, and Coloradan.

What do you credit to your success as a 5280 Best Dentist seven years in a row?
I credit my success to doing the best dentistry that I can and treating patients the way they should be treated. I try to stay on top of new advances and products that will give me the best results. I also credit the team of specialists that I have around me that enable my patients to get the best care. Other dentists recognize good or poor dentistry when a patient is sent to them for a referral, so I only want to work with the best, and I think the feeling is mutual.

You’ve been with PERFECT TEETH for 17 years. What about that partnership works well for you?
The partnership with PERFECT TEETH has worked so well for me over the years because in the office that I work at the whole team has been together for a long time. We have little turnover and an amazing office manager that holds everything together. I get to come in and do the dentistry and treat the patients and then at the end of the day I get to go home and just enjoy my time with my family with little stress about running an office.

Is there anything about dentistry you are very excited or pleased about right now?
The most exciting things about dentistry and the two things I could not work without are the use of digital x-rays and the intraoral camera. Digital x-rays allow the image to be instantly projected on the screen and enlarged, so it makes diagnosing dental problems much easier. It also allows better communication with the specialists since the image can be emailed over instantly. The intraoral camera allows the patient to see what I see in their mouth. Cavities, cracks, gum disease, etc. can be photographed and shown to the patient so they realize the problem, and then we can discuss the ways to fix it.

Are there one or two pieces of advice you find yourself giving to patients most often?
The two pieces of advice I find myself giving patients most often is make sure to brush your gums as well as your teeth. Angling the toothbrush to get the plaque off the gums is very important. The number one cause of tooth loss as we get older is periodontal disease (bone loss) so keeping the gums healthy is just as, if not more important, than keeping the teeth cavity free. I recommend an electric toothbrush almost daily to my patients.

Secondly, just because a tooth doesn’t hurt, doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. The reason we take x-rays and do exams is to find potential problems early so they can be fixed easier and in most cases much less expensive. Once a tooth starts to hurt that usually means the problem has progressed into something more involved.

What would you tell someone considering dental care at PERFECT TEETH? Why is it a great choice?
Dental care at PERFECT TEETH is a great choice because you get great care. I wouldn’t treat or diagnose anything differently if I worked at a different office. PERFECT TEETH allows the dentist to do the dentistry. PERFECT TEETH also has a great discount plan for those without dental insurance so the work can be done affordably.

Outside of work, do you have hobbies? How do you spend your free time in Colorado?
I have two young sons, so outside of dentistry a lot of my time revolves around their activities. Like most Coloradans, we love to go hiking in the summer and snow skiing in the winter. The boys are learning fast and I’m sure will be out skiing my husband and me in no time. We just try to have as much family time as we can, and when the house is quiet, and the boys are asleep I take my mind off the day and enjoy a good book.

For office hours, location and direction or to book an appointment with Dr Karaskevicus visit the PERFECT TEETH – Glendale office page.