Denver Spring Break Stay-cation? Check Out This List of To Do’s

March 15, 2019

Spring break is coming! For some that means a fancy vacation, but for many spring break is just a week with the kids at home. Are you one of the many families with a Denver stay-cation planned? Here are some ideas to consider for keeping those kids busy if you live in or near the Denver area. And since we never know what to expect with the weather in Denver, we’ve include both indoor and outdoor activities that are sure to keep your kids engaged this spring break.

Indoor Spring Break Activities in Denver

  • Take care of the to-do’s that you don’t want to pull them out of school for such as doctor visits, haircuts and dental exams.
  • Teach some lifelong skills by enrolling your child in a cooking class
  • Visit the library and check out a new book, audiobook or video
  • Take an art class or find a local studio for some painting fun
  • Check out the Denver Museum of Nature & Science – there are always new exhibits and halls to explore
  • Visit Denver’s US Mint and take a tour – reservations are required but the tour is free (age 7+ only)
  • The Denver Downtown Aquarium features an interactive Stingray Reef touch tank, is home to over 500 species of animals and includes a restaurant.
  • Learn about the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown in her Victorian House Museum.
  • Get filled with wonder at the Butterfly Pavilion, home to 1,600 butterflies and over 5,000 animals, as a visitor or a part of their spring break camp.
  • Want a short, sweet trip? Check out Hammond’s Candy Factory’s free tour
Denver Spring Break

Outdoor Spring Break Activities in Denver

Denver Spring Break

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