Scott Freeman, DMD

Dr. Scott Freeman

Dr. Freeman is a passionate and caring dentist who has over 15 years of experience providing dental care to patients of all ages.

Education & Experience

Background & Practice Philosophy
After graduating from dental school in 2004, Dr. Freeman began his dental career with the Army Dental Corp. He spent three years as an Army Dental Officer where he helped patients with a wide range of treatment and care. After serving in the Army, Dr. Freeman was a dentist with CNI Medical Services which allowed him to expand upon his experience practicing dentistry and serving the Army community. After his time in the military, Dr. Freeman has practiced in Georgia, North Carolina, and Montana where he started a private practice in 2012.

He relocated to Colorado and is thrilled to be affiliating with an organization that allows him to focus solely on the care of his patients in a fully modernized dental practice. Dr. Freeman has a true passion for dentistry and he brings that passion to the daily care of his patients.  “I always strive to deliver the highest standard of care to my patients with total confidence and true compassion.” Dr. Freeman’s special attention to detail is an attribute that benefits his patients as they receive the highest level of quality care which allows them to maintain healthy smiles. With that, his extensive experience has given him the ability to provide a wide range of dental services; both qualities his patients love.

Outside The Dental Office
When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Freeman spends his time with his five year old. Being a father is his proudest and greatest accomplishment. He also enjoys all that the Colorado outdoors has to offer including skiing and exploring new places of the state and beyond.


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