Terence Cooper, D.M.D.

Meet Dr. Terence Cooper, he grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, home of the first dental school and the National Museum of Dentistry. Becoming a dentist was a natural choice. As a middle child of five siblings, he is in the unique position of being both the youngest sibling and oldest sibling to his brothers and sisters. His undergraduate major is in Sports Medicine. Dr. Cooper really likes sports, but it doesn’t stop there. He was equally fascinated with how the body works. He honed these interests specializing in how exercise affects performance and recovery from injury.

Dr. Cooper is not the only doctor at home. His wife, Dr. Monique Hart, graduated from LECOM School of Pharmacy. They met while undergraduates at Howard University and have been married for six years. She is originally from Aurora, Colorado.

Dr. Cooper often visited Colorado with his wife to see family. After multiple visits, it felt like home and his ultimate goal was to open a dental practice and live near family in Colorado. While searching for practices, Colorado Springs just felt right to Dr. Cooper.

Dentistry is the perfect fit for Dr. Cooper from his place of birth to his innate abilities. He loves the interaction with his patients, the multiple dimensions of dentistry, and the joy of changing a person’s life.

Athlete, sports medicine enthusiast, and dentist, we know he is a great addition to call Colorado Springs his home.