Teeth Cleaning

At PERFECT TEETH™, our experienced dentists and hygienists are responsible for the overall care of your mouth.  As a team, they work together to provide patients with a variety of teeth cleaning and oral health services.  At all PERFECT TEETH™ practices our dentists take the time to thoroughly examine patients to determine their overall oral health.  Depending on specific needs, our registered dental hygienists determine exactly what type of treatment is best for their patient.

Types of Teeth Cleaning

The type of teeth cleaning depends on the patient's overall dental health.  The most basic cleaning, referred to as a "prophy" or "preventive cleaning," is for patients that have healthy teeth and gums and includes the removal of stains and debris that are above the gum line.  Patients that have a condition referred to as periodontal disease (bone loss around the tooth) require a more advanced, non-surgical procedure that involves the removal of plaque and tartar below the gum line.

To determine if this alternative treatment is needed, we will evaluate a patient's mouth during their examination to detemine if peridontal disease is present.  If periodontal disease is present, our providers will make every effort to treat the active infection non-surgically.  If our providers determine that the extent of the infection cannot be treated at their practice, we immediately refer our patients to one of our PERFECT TEETH™ periodontists for specialty treatment.  Our periodontists will take immediate action with these specific cases to establish a routine set of specialty treatments to restore adequate oral health.  To learn more about periodontal disease click here.  

At PERFECT TEETH™ our staff knows that no two patients are the same.  We provide each patient with customized teeth cleaning services based on their individual oral health.  Our team is eager to help current and future patients to determine the most appropriate teeth cleaning service for them.