PTDP Family 2017Starting at only $95 per year!

A discount plan that will keep you and your family smiling! 

At PERFECT TEETH™ we understand that not everyone has access to major or private dental insurance.  The PERFECT TEETH™ Dental Plan is a  discount dental plan that provides you and your family discounts of up to 70% on all kinds of dental work, from routine teeth cleanings to  oral surgery to  cosmetic dentistry to  implants. In addition, the plan includes:

  • No Deductible
  • No Maximums
  • No Exclusions for Pre-Existing Conditions
  • No Waiting Period

This plan can save you and your family hundreds of dollars annually, and ensure that you have a healthy smile for years to come. Enroll now and start enjoying your discounts immediately! 

Click here for a comprehensive list of general and specialty fees or contact us for more information by calling  1-877-550-8079 or submitting an email request.

Preventative Teeth Cleaning ** $49 $90
Back tooth - 2 surface
$125 $296
Porcelian fused to Base Metal (PFM)
$495 $1,055
Root Canal
Front Tooth
$449 $828
Basic Implant Bundle
Extraction/Implant/Custom Abutment/PFM Crown
$3,495 $5,000
Phase II Orthodontic Treatment
(with records)

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Average Savings 44% Savings                        

*With the exception of orthodontics and bundled implants, the quoted fees are for services performed by a general dentist; services performed by a specialist will vary. All fees are based on our 2017 fees which vary slightly by state and are subject to change without notice..
**In absence of periodontal disease