21 Stress Relief Tips For Moms

April 16, 2019

Motherhood. It can be the most rewarding experience and also the most challenging. The role and responsibilities that come with raising children, be them babies, tweens or teens, is no small task and the daily demand of being “mom” can take a toll on your own health and wellness, often times in the form of stress.  Stress is such a part of our lives that there’s even a designated “Stress Awareness Day.” With that in mind, let’s talk about stress and stress relief tips for Moms.


Studies show 72% of moms feel stressed by the amount of stress they feel. Makes sense that a stressed mom creates stressed, less happy, kids. None of us want that!

We all know what stress feels like and where it comes from. Sadly, all of this stress has been linked to health problems including those that attack our hearts, immune systems, digestion and can even our ability to sleep. And while talked about quite a bit, stress still isn’t taken as seriously as other mental health problems. In our fast-paced, outcome driven society, we all just assume stress is part of everyday life, but it doesn’t have to be, even as a Mom.

So, to all of you working moms, stay-at-home moms, and moms (and moms-to-be) of all ages with kids of all ages – take a break today to put yourself first with these 21 stress relief tips for moms!

Stress Relief Tips For Moms

1.Get Positive. Start your day on a positive note. Give yourself a little time before getting out of bed and getting the kids ready to take a deep breath, say affirmations and think positively about the day to come.

2. Eat Healthy. Healthy eating will help you feel better in general and can boost your body with antioxidants that help reduce stress. Eat fruits and veggies in a range of colors, and start feeling better!

3. Meditate. Take time for yourself with a 5 to 10 minute, (or more if you can), guided meditation. Hint: you can find a ton of guided meditations on YouTube that cover  a variety of topics that you can easily do while sitting in your car before heading into work, or while waiting to pick up kids.

4. Visualizations. Visualization is a great tool to help change your mind and attitude. Visualize what you want, and let go of the things you don’t want. Picture yourself peaceful.

5. Journal. Consider writing down your thoughts, feelings, questions, prayers or gratitude in a journal as a daily habit to help release the stress of your day.

Stress Relief Tips For Moms

6. Identify Your Triggers. When you find yourself particularly stressed or in a high emotional state, document it and watch for patterns. Find ways to address your triggers, either through personal work or with a professional.

7. Laugh. Laughter is great for breaking tension and relieving stress. Watch a funny video, fake a laugh until it becomes real, or spend time with friends or family who make you laugh and smile.

8. Touch. Physical touch can also help you release stress. No time for a massage? Get a daily hug! Find a way to connect with a loved one through touch, including some quality cuddle time with your partner.

9. Exercise. Exercise helps you release endorphins, which help you feel good and reduce stress. Take a walk, hit the gym, attend a group class, or do some yoga.

Stress Relief Tips For Moms

10. Unplug. Often we can become overwhelmed by technology, even without recognizing it. Turn off the TV and play a game, or put your phone in the other room and just enjoy being without digital interruptions and noise.

11. Give gratitude. A daily practice of gratitude, or even a list done on the fly in a stressful time can help you de-stress. Hint: An easy way to get started is to go through the alphabet, naming one thing you are grateful for that starts with each letter. (ie. I am thankful for apples, baseball, coffee…)

12. Treat yourself. Think about a fun way to treat yourself and do it. It could be free, like a bubble bath, low cost like a cup of your favorite coffee, or a spa treatment. Enjoy a splurge!

13. Throw stuff away/organize. Sometimes clutter can cause us stress. Block some time to tackle a messy area and see just how much tension gets shifted along with the clutter.

14. Do your hobby. As a busy mom, you may forget you have hobbies and interests beyond your kids and their activities. Take time to do something you really enjoy.

15. Cut yourself some slack. Moms tend to be very hard on themselves, and this can add  unneeded stress to an already frustrating situation. Be kind to yourself and maybe even laugh at your mistakes, rather than beating yourself up for them.

16. Take a break. When was the last time you went on a date or out with friends? When was the last time you sent the kids to their friend’s house (or grandmas)? Plan some time without the kids and get recharged!

Stress Relief Tips For Moms

17. Get LOUD! Sometimes we need to scream, or sing at the top of our lungs. Go for it! It is a great de-stressing strategy to vocally belt it out.

18. Play. Join the kids as they play – shoot some hoops, go to the park, swing on the swings with them. Let your inner kid out to play!

19. Take a nap. Sometimes we just need a nap. Enough said about that!

20. Create a space. Whether at work or at home, creating a soft, warm, relaxing space to relax can be the perfect solution to creating a less stressful environment, and a place to de-stress when needed.

21. See a professional. Stress can have a big impact on overall health. If you need to speak to a mental health provider, see your doctor for a check-up, or take care of your dental needs, do it. Each can support your overall health, which reduces your stress as well.

Have more stress relief tips for moms? Send us your favorites, we’d love to hear them! Stressed about your teeth or those of your family? Stress no more, we can help! Contact a PERFECT TEETH dentist near you online.