12 Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids (and FREE Easter Coloring Pages)

March 6, 2018

Easter is right around the corner, and for many that means extra time off! If dying Easter eggs isn’t enough craft time with your kids, we hope these Easter craft ideas will help keep your kiddos busy and brighten up the holiday even more!

The easiest idea of them all? Download our free Easter Coloring Pages.

Download Coloring Sheet – Easter Basket With Eggs Download Coloring Sheet – Rabbit With Toothbrush

Cool Eggs

Of course there is always the dip and let dry method, but this year you may decide to try something a little more unique. Ditch the white crayon for masking tape, or try one of these ideas for cool Easter eggs:

Rubber Band: Change up the look of your Easter eggs this year by carefully placing rubber bands around them before dipping to create cool patterns.

Emoji Eggs: Here’s one your older kids may enjoy. Grab some paints and brushes and LOL with these emoji themed eggs.

Shaving Cream Swirl: Using cheap shaving cream and some food coloring, you can give your kids a fun spin on coloring eggs and engage their hands and minds with washable sensory play.

Yummy Treats

Easter is one of our big candy holidays and with their bright colors and muted pastels, that candy certainly make yummy treats! Here are a couple of ideas as well as one that’s a bit more dentist friendly.

Easter Bark. Well, this looks sweet enough to eat! With just four ingredients and four steps, it will be satisfying your sweet tooth in no time.

Jelly Bean Necklaces: a craft you can eat is always popular with kiddos. Make a mistake? Eat the jelly bean! There’s no way to lose with this fun craft that can also be given as a gift.

Veggie Appetizer: Some creativity takes a regular appetizer into Easter with this bunny themed artichoke dip.

Gift Ideas

One of the best parts of any holiday is giving and receiving gifts. Show love to those you care about with these Easter crafts for kids.

Paper Easter Baskets. With just a paper plate you can create a basket for holding food or trinkets. Paint or color them and tie a ribbon around it to call it complete and ready for gift giving.

Peep Kabobs. Peeps on a stick? Simple, inexpensive, colorful and fun. Perfect when you need a lot of gifts and have helping hands who like being paid in candy.

Handmade Cards. You won’t need a craft room full of cardmaking supplies for these simple, kid-friendly cards. Remember teachers, family and friends with a friendly greeting.

Decoration Ideas

Whether a centerpiece, a welcoming sign or just some décor to invite spring, we think you’ll love these crafty decorating ideas.

Sock Bunny. Finally something to do with those mismatched socks! With supplies you likely have on hand right now, you can make these adorable sock bunnies to add to gift baskets or to your décor.

Easter Wreath. There are lots of ideas for Easter egg wreaths, but we thought this one made of paper was easy, colorful and affordable.

Trendy Mason Jars. Mason jars are used in just about any type of décor these days. This shabby-chic look can be used for Easter into spring and then reused once you are ready for a change.

From our family to yours – we hope you enjoy The Easter Basket and The Easter Bunny free coloring pages and have a happy Easter and a beautiful Spring! And if the Easter Bunny brings you a toothache – find a dentist near you to make an appointment.