Who is Birner Dental Management Services?

Birner Dental Management Services Inc., is a professional business organization whose purpose is to support the PERFECT TEETH™ dental network. Birner Dental Management administers the business functions associated with bieng a dental practice managment company allowing the dentist and his/her team to focus on providing outstanding patient care. This make us different than most dental practice management companies.

Why affiliate with Birner Dental Management Services?

Birner Dental Management Services, Inc. provides the best opportunity to utilize your professional clinical skills, focus on patient care, and experience the autonomy of a private practice without enduring the business management frustrations and capital commitment.

Will I be able to practice my style of dentistry?

Birner Dental Management Services, Inc. was founded on the principal of "Letting dentists be dentists." We seek to develop long-term relationships with our dentists by building the practice at each office around a dentist. This model provides the dentist with much of the autonomy and independence of a private practice without the financial and administrative burdens.

Will you help increase my patient base?

A key strategy to the success of PERFECT TEETH™ is to increase patient volume through proven marketing techniques which reinforce the PERFECT TEETH™ brand identity. We've found that word of mouth dental pratcice management marketing is the most successful way to build both our patient base, our brand and our reputation. Accordingly, we've developed an internal marketing program aimed at cultivating long term relationships with our patients that all offices are required to use. Additionally, our advertising efforts are primarily aimed at increasing awareness of PERFECT TEETH™ in the community and emphasize the experience of our dentists and the high quality, comprehensive dental care we provide.

Are your dental offices computerized?

All PERFECT TEETH™ offices have the same management information system, which allows for centralized support and on-line contact with each dental office. The system enables each office to access real-time data relating to patient and insurance information, treatment plans, scheduling, revenues and collections. Additionally, through the system, best practices information is shared within the network which enhances overall performance. Many of the offices offer the latest in digital technology including intra-oral cameras and digital x-rays.

Who is your primary payor?

Birner Dental Management Services, Inc. payors include indemnity insurers, preferred provider plans, managed dental care plans, PERFECT TEETH™ Dental Plan patients, and uninsured patients.

How do I join your team?

To learn more about PERFECT TEETH™ and our opportunities, please click here to contact us or call Justin Gill, Director of Dentist Recruitment at 303-285-6042.