For Dentists

For DentistsWhen you decided to become a dentist, you probably never imagined you'd also have to be an accountant, a lawyer, and a vendor manager. But with more than a decade of experience under your belt, you're still juggling the duties of dentist and businessman, working on the books, managing staff turnover, payroll, payables, OSHA and taxes, all between appointments. Plus there's the capital commitment required to start and own a practice. We're here to help! Our dental practice management model takes care of the business end so that you can get back to being a dentist, all without any capital commitment from you.

Letting Dentists Be Dentists

Our organization was founded on the philosophy of "Letting Dentists be Dentists." By joining our team, you can do just that - focus on your patients and doing what you do best - dentistry!

None of the hassle. All of the benefits

With over 100 dentists working for us in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, we have developed a formula that works for dentists, patients, insurers, and office support staff. A partnership with PERFECT TEETH™ can give you the best that a profession in dentistry has to offer, with none of the headaches, expense, and risk of owning and running your own practice. And because most of our dentists are as experienced as you are, PERFECT TEETH™ has established a reputation for excellence, with built-in name recognition from the moment you join our team.

Practice dentistry in the way that works for you

While we "manage" all of the administrative work in your office, you still manage the office itself. As a PERFECT TEETH™ Dentist, you have the freedom to maintain the same practice style, authority and freedom as you did owning your own practice. Plus, within our network are specialists of all types which allow you to maintain your relationship with patients as their primary dental healthcare provider.


We seek dentists with excellent skills and experiences who are sensitive to patient needs and interested in establishing long-term patient relationships. No matter if you are a general dentist, a cosmetic dentist, an oral surgeon, an orthodontist, an endodontist, a periodontist or a pediatric dentist, joining the PERFECT TEETH™ may be the solution you have been looking for! If you love dentistry but not the burden of daily business and administrative services, contact us for more information about our dentist job openings.

If you're thinking of relocating, we've got the perfect place.

We offer locations in some of the most beautiful places in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Without all of that administrative work dangling over your head, you can switch off the lights at the end of the day and enjoy yourself in the beauty of the Southwest. Skiing, sunshine, mountain trails, rafting, and dozens of other tempting activities make our locations the stuff of dreams.

Want to find out more about joining the PERFECT TEETH™ team?

If your passion is patient care; if your talent is connecting with people, if you love dentistry - you're a perfect fit!  Please click here to contact us or call Justin Gill, Director of Dentist Recruitment at 303-285-6042.